"Man lives in the world he builds for himself.”

 As a veteran family-owned business, with many years of local activism and engagement under our collective belts, we believe that we owe no small amount of our success to our customers who have gifted us with tremendous loyalty and recognition of our products’ high quality.


We would not be successful in the absence of your support; your patronage fills us with both pride and gratitude.

To gratefully recognize the support of our community, and support the community in return, we have decided to contribute to a variety of local organizations, and give back as we can. We are guided by a combined drive to more fully integrate with our neighbors, assist others so we can all be stronger together and, together, fight loneliness and social degradation often associated with disability.

We are proud to share our efforts with you:

Employment of workers with disabilities — 3 of the 120 employees working in our company, with full and part-time jobs in packaging, shipping and almost every area of our organization, are special needs and special ability individuals whom we support and in whom we have great confidence.

We are pleased to have created a home-like environment for all our employees, and especially for those who have to fight a little harder to get where they are.


“Leket Israel” (לקט ישראל Israel’s Collection) — Israel’s national food bank, every day, saves hundreds of tons of food and sends it to different organizations for the needy, throughout the county. “Leket Israel” promises not just that food overages will not go to waste. Its actions ensure that other financial resources will be made available for education, clothing and personal healthcare.


 “Amutat Etgarim” (עמותת אתגרים Challenge Foundation) — Amutat Etgarim combines educational activities in nature, and creates tailored challenges for special needs or disabled — especially children and youth. Each year, the Foundation offers thousands of activities throughout all of Israel to this underserved population. It does so in order to advance the self confidence of those with disabilities and support their efforts to successfully integrate into society.


“Amutat Haim Layeled” (the Foundation of Life for Children - עמותת חיים לילד) — Layeled helps children fighting Cystic Fibrosis and other lung diseases, and their families, with encouragement and spiritual support, by hosting parties, special vacation packages and more. Layeled offers these children and their families a measure of relief by which they can “recharge their batteries” in their day-to-day struggles with respiratory disease.