In August, 2015, Shekarchi, Ltd. purchased the “Hativ” brand. 

When the Pitzuchey Hativ brand transferred ownership in 2015, its visual identity was modified to reflect its new future. The name is now lead by “Nature” and the logo has been replaced with the illustration of a country home, symbolizing our pride in our deep family roots and connection to the earth. As “Hativ,” Shekarchi, Ltd. will continue to develop new product lines and maintain its commitment to excellence and outstanding consumer value. 

Our fans will continue to find our products at all the fine retail establishments with which they’ve conducted business in the past.  

You will find salted and unsalted, roasted, shelled, or in-shell variations of:

•           Sunflower seeds

•           Pumpkin seeds

•           Watermelon seeds

•           Pistachios

•           Cashews

•           Walnuts

•           Almonds

•           Peanuts

•           Pecans

and more…